Council Votes

Real Transparency Starts Here…. believes that in order to promote good governance, voters need easy access to transcripts of the issues being brought before the City Council.  Until now, the City has only provided the bare minimum in terms of these transcripts; they post Minutes and a Recap of each City Council meeting.  These Minutes/Recaps are voluminous and not searchable, rendering them of very limited use to the majority of voters.  As part of its mission to bring greater transparency to City Government, LagunaBeachChat has undertaken to provide a searchable spreadsheet of significant* City Council votes taken during the calendar year.  We plan to continue to provide updates as each City Council meeting occurs.

2017 – LB City Council vote tracker 2017

2016 – LB City Council vote tracker 2016

The graph below shows a summary of the voting record of the City Council during 2016:

2015 – LB City Council vote tracker 2015


*Significant is defined as Issues of wide interest to the community or those votes that involve an expenditure of > $50,000 of taypayer dollars.