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City Government

LB Chat Publisher's Open Letter To 2021 City Council
Dear Mayor Whalen and City Council Members:Happy New Year. As the council moves forward in appointing a new city manager thisyear, I ask that a professional recruitment firm be hired to conduct an open and extensiverecruitment to fill this important leadership position.
LB Elections Nov. 3, 2020
GET TO KNOW LB CANDIDATES BEFORE YOU VOTE THEM INTO PUBLIC OFFICE TO REPRESENT YOU! Thank you for being an informed voter. Our city’s health and future depends on it!
The Complete Streets Concept
For years we've heard the term Complete Streets (CS) yet most LB residents know very little about what it is or why it would be preferable for Laguna Beach to develop and implement a CS Policy and Plan.


Lightning Fast Action By Public Works
Public Works can really get its act together when properly motivated. At last week's (11July17) Council meeting, there was a pulled consent calendar item relating to a resolution establishing two loading zone parking spaces located on Laguna Avenue.
Laguna Canyon Residents vs. Developers
A huge victory for Laguna Canyon residents who fought the city staff, planning commission and City Council to uphold our existing governing document of Laguna Canyon Area Annexation Area Specific Plan~
City Fails South Laguna Residents
City Council and City Manager Fail to resolve South Laguna concerns requested by residents.


Public Safety For Local Residents
City promotes false sense of resident public safety and security but FBI crime statistics report for Laguna does not support their position and in fact shows otherwise.


City Employee Compensation and Salaries
Updated 2020-2021 City Employee Compensations
Measure P Rejected By Voters, What’s Next?
Measure P was “shellacked,” as former President Obama described Democratic losses in the 2014 midterm election. The hotly debated measure, if passed, would have increased the Laguna Beach sales tax from 7.75 to 8.75 percent to fund undergrounding utilities on key evacuation routes and related fire safety projects. The loss was a bitter pill for Councilman Bob Whalen, who wholeheartedly supported the measure and took the blame at Tuesday’s Council meeting for its defeat.
Measure LL Oversight Committee Reports
This committee reviews the uses of the LL tax revenues to ensure that the City Council spends the revenue generated from this local voter approved tax as of Nov. 8, 2016 as promised.

City Employees

Opportunity for Public Input Regarding New City Manager at Three Upcoming Listening Sessions
LAGUNA BEACH, CA – As the City of Laguna Beach undertakes its search for a new City Manager, the City Council wants to ensure the public has an opportunity to provide feedback about the most important qualities potential candidates should possess.
Updated - The Great Laguna Beach Real Estate Giveaway.
LagunaBeachCHAT finds it to be unreasonable to have the taxpayers contribute more on top of these very generous amounts of compensation (bear in mind, the taxpayers are already contributing approx 30% more for each of these employees in the form of their DEFINED BENEFIT pensions). Its simply largess that no city can afford.
New Blood? - Current Council members average 10+ years of service
LagunaBeachCHAT analyzed the terms of all LB City Council members going back to the mid-70s.

Vendors and Consultants

LL Measure (TOT 2 Percent tax increase)
Don’t know Joe Hanauer? He’s largely responsible for the renovation of the Old Pottery Place and 580 Broadway. “The Old Pottery Place took a Laguna icon, which unfortunately was falling apart and attracting a declining number of customers, and with Morris Skenderian’s help, converted it into a popular destination for shopping and dining,” he explains.