Judie Mancuso

Judie Mancuso’s 2024 Campaign – Here





2024 Council Candidate Form 410
City Council Candidate Intention Statement 501

Media and other Candidate information:


Hallie Jones, Judie Mancuso enter race for Laguna Beach City Council – Daily Pilot Interview
Help Stop The Utility Tax – Opinion article in LB Indy – Here
Bold Journey interview with Judie Mancuso – Here
Letter: Bipartisanship needed to achieve common goals – Laguna Beach Indy
Council Candidate, Judie Mancuso, shares stance on Promenade and local issues – Stu News
Laguna Beach  Boards and Commissions 
Drone light show to replace July 4 fireworks – Laguna Beach Indy

Prior 2018 Election Information:

Form 460 Campaign Funding Disclosure Statements:

Mancuso Judie – 460 Oct 21 – Dec 31, 2018

Mancuso Judie – 460 September 23 – October 20 2018 – redacted

Mancuso Judie – 460 July 1 – Sept. 22 2018

Mancuso Judie – 460 January 1 – June 30 2018

Mancuso wants to enhance quality of life for Laguna residents – LA Times

Three City Council seats – Stu News

Pet Assistance Foundation.org

California Legislation Would Prohibit Sale of Animal-Tested Cosmetics – Sierra Sun Times

From the California State Capitol to the South African Wilderness – Morning Star News

Journal of the Assembly, Legislature of the State of California – California. Legislature. Assembly – Google Books

Watch CBS Evening News: Calif. law to protect pets – CBS All Access

Newly Amended SB 1249 Unites Animal Protection, Physicians, Labor, and Industry Groups – Updated


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