Million Dollar Parking Garage

Story courtesy of the LB Indy –

There’s life again at the village entrance, a highly visible and often-congested downtown corner where hundreds of people park their vehicles between a concrete flood channel and a chain-link fence.

Over several decades, the asphalt parking lot has seen multiple virtual iterations. But plans for what some deem an eyesore near City Hall are getting closer to reality. The City Council decided Tuesday, Aug. 30, without a formal vote, to revive the plan, opting for an amalgam of two concepts presented to council members by a team of consultants. Read more here

City Council Proposed a $42.3 Million Parking Structure in 2013!  The Village Entrance continues to be a source of controversy.  This year, City Council members introduced  yet another Village Entrance plan presented by high-paid consultants.  As soon as this plan is available it will be posted.

Laguna Streets post is here

Check the city agenda record for specifics here.

LagunaBeachCHAT also wants to point out how LB’s own City Council super-donors/development interests showed up to speak in favor of the project:

  • Matt Lawson
  • Morris Skenderian
  • Sam Goldstein
  • Joe Hanauer
  • Marshall Ininns
  • Larry Nokes

Of course, they only have the best interests of the typical Laguna Beach tax-paying resident in mind 😉