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2017 LB Voter Survey Results

City Government

Another arguement for reducing the benefits of incumbency
Property-Tax Disparity and City Council Representation
Can the fiscal concerns of newer property-tax payers be adequately represented by long-time property owners who sometimes pay orders of magnitude less in annual property-taxes?
City Council Representation in Laguna Beach – Are District Elections Fairer?
City Council Representation in Laguna Beach - Are District Elections Fairer? {3Jan17}
City Councilmember terms - Analysis of periods in office
The current members of the City Council have collectively served over 50 years on that body. LagunaBeachCHAT believes that by not having term limits, the city is missing-out on fresh leadership with new ideas that could be of benefit to residents.
Measure LL Taxpayer Oversight Committee Appointments - Pay-to-Play
APPEARANCE of favoritism shown to Measure LL supporters and campaign donors in City Council's appointments to this new oversight committee calls its independence into question before it even commences.
Hedge Height Favoritism
City View Restoration and Hedge Height Program ordinances riddled with charges of favoritism, lack of enforcement and exorbitant costs to residents.


Lightning Fast Action By Public Works
Public Works can really get its act together when properly motivated. At last week's (11July17) Council meeting, there was a pulled consent calendar item relating to a resolution establishing two loading zone parking spaces located on Laguna Avenue.
Laguna Canyon Residents vs. Developers
A huge victory for Laguna Canyon residents who fought the city staff, planning commission and City Council to uphold our existing governing document of Laguna Canyon Area Annexation Area Specific Plan~
City Fails South Laguna Residents
City Council and City Manager Fail to resolve South Laguna concerns requested by residents.
2016 City Council Election - Amounts donated by Development Interests
Development interests exposed as major campaign contributors for council members Dicterow and Whalen, who say they put Residents First!
Councilmembers’ Campaign Donations – How much did each receive from Development Interests
Development Interests in City Council
City's False Sense of Public Safety
City promotes false sense of resident public safety and security but FBI crime statistics report for Laguna does not support their position and in fact shows otherwise.


City Spends > $328K over 7 Years Harassing Gay Seniors
The City has pursued a local Gay couple for over 7 years and has spend more than $328,000 of tax payer money over what started as a neighbor upon neighbor hedge height complaint. Not satisfied they'd gotten compliance, the City has resorted to filing criminal complaints against the two gentlemen
Public Safety For Local Residents
City promotes false sense of resident public safety and security but FBI crime statistics report for Laguna does not support their position and in fact shows otherwise.


Swimming after Gold or Plunging into Red Ink
Is a 2nd public-accessible pool needed in Laguna Beach? If so, who should pay for its construction and maintenance.
Fiscal Prudence Makes A Surprise Visit to LB City Hall-Part 1
City Council finally decides that it is unnecessary to provide senior-level city employees with public assistance to purchase a house in LB. All current participants in the program earn well in excess of $200,000 p/yr, some nearing $300,000.
Outsourced CIty Attorney - Are We Being Well Served?
Rutan & Tucker have served as the City's attorney since 1979. Are residents and taxpayers well served by this arrangement?
Pietig's Pay; Plenty Perplexing
At about 11pm at the end of the March 28 City Council meeting, the council addressed the last item on the agenda: the annual review of City Manager Pietig's employment contract. This author was the only 'member of the public' remaining in the City Hall chambers to watch this annual spectacle of Council members singing the praises of a City Manager who is apparently perfect in every way.
We'll See You In Court
In depth analysis of Laguna Beach's history of legal claims, litigation and spending

City Employees

New Blood? - Current Council members average 10+ years of service
LagunaBeachCHAT analyzed the terms of all LB City Council members going back to the mid-70s.
The Great Laguna Beach Real-Estate Give-Away.
LagunaBeachCHAT finds it to be unreasonable to have the taxpayers contribute more on top of these very generous amounts of compensation (bear in mind, the taxpayers are already contributing approx 30% more for each of these employees in the form of their DEFINED BENEFIT pensions). Its simply largess that no city can afford.
Steve Dicterow Files Bankruptcy
Laguna's best kept secret! Laguna Beach Mayor Steve Dicterow filed for bankruptcy in 2014 and did not disclose it to voters.
FPPC Investigates Mayor Dicterow's financials
A Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) investigation of Mayor Dicterow's financial form disclosures is underway.
City Employee Compensation 2015

Vendors and Consultants

Election Forums Skip Big Issues
Established City organizations held 8 official campaign public information forums. No mention of important issues such as the Mayors financial instability, development interest contributions for Dicterow and Whalen, Whalen and Zur Schmiede personal financial contributions to Measure LL and concerning public safety statistics.

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