October 2018

Merritt Statement On Endorsements

Name change: I dropped my last name of Christiansen and started using my middle name “Merritt” to honor the family member I was named after. Public Safety Experience: I was sworn in by former O.C. Sheriff Brad Gates as a certified RESERVE DEPUTY Sheriff. Thereafter I did about six months…

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Lorene Laguna Statement On Endorsements

Lorene Laguna: Independent candidate serving the residents of the community. Registered organizations endorsements: NO POLITICAL ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN, PAC, candidate endorsement NO SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP candidate endorsement NO POLITICAL PARTY candidate endorsement, City Counsel is a NON-PARTISAN OFFICE I retained the services of a professional Campaign Compliance Officer to serve as…

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Blake Statement On Endorsements

PETER BLAKE: I hate both the republicans and democrats equally. I’m an independent and have always been one. I.m pro-abortian, gay rights and not into your religion. On the other hand, I’m also not willing to work seven days a week to support your social programs and don’t stay up…

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