Merritt Statement On Endorsements

Name change:
I dropped my last name of Christiansen and started using my middle name “Merritt” to honor the family member I was named after.

Public Safety Experience:
I was sworn in by former O.C. Sheriff Brad Gates as a certified RESERVE DEPUTY Sheriff. Thereafter I did about six months of RESERVE VOLUNTEER activity for a SOUTH o.c. city.

City Council Member:
Served the City of Laguna Niguel. Served under the name Paul M. Christiansen. Ran for Laguna Beach City Council in 2014 under Paul Merritt. Was not elected.

Lorene Laguna Statement On Endorsements

Lorene Laguna:

Independent candidate serving the residents of the community. Registered organizations endorsements:

NO SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP candidate endorsement
NO POLITICAL PARTY candidate endorsement, City Counsel is a NON-PARTISAN OFFICE

I retained the services of a professional Campaign Compliance Officer to serve as my Treasurer.

I believe it is unwise and puts campaign at risk to leave the FPPC filing responsibilities to an inexperienced volunteer.

Lorene Laguna

Blake Statement On Endorsements

I hate both the republicans and democrats equally. I’m an independent and have always been one. I.m pro-abortian, gay rights and not into your religion. On the other hand, I’m also not willing to work seven days a week to support your social programs and don’t stay up at night thinking about ways to defend a criminal’s rights.

I am not listing endorsements from individuals or any groups. I am accepting zero donations from PAC’s or special interest groups.They’re welcome to do whatever they want as Liberate Laguna has.
I have hired Campaign Compliance as my treasurer and they are responsible for all official filings.

There is no one who’s willing to acknowledge having anything to do with advising me on my campaign. I do get calls daily from well wishers advising me on everything I’m doing wrong. lol