Laguna Residents First (LRF) PAC LB Survey 2024

Opinion: Surveying 2024 priorities for Laguna Beach

By Merrill Anderson

Laguna Residents First conducted an online Survey Monkey poll circulated amongst registered voters in Laguna Beach in January 2024. A total of 370 people responded (12% response rate) to a question about what the top priorities for Laguna Beach in 2024 should be.

Respondents could select multiple priorities and were invited to write comments.

Top priorities: Reducing traffic congestion (61% selected as a priority) and undergrounding power lines in green spaces (52%) emerged as the top two priorities. Respondents supported undergrounding all power lines, starting with the most critical areas, i.e., Laguna Canyon.

To read the full survey for 2024 on the Laguna Beach Indy website – Here

Laguna Beach Voter Guide: What’s On The Ballot, Voting and More

Laguna Beach voters will choose candidates for district supervisors, president, senator and more in the March 5 election.

By Miranda Ceja,
Patch Staff

With the presidential preference primary happening March 5th, most Golden State residents already have their mail-in ballots in hand.

With the presidential preference primary happening March 5th, most Golden State residents already have their mail-in ballots in hand.

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — The 2024 presidential primary election season in California is officially underway, but the real excitement in California comes in the form of down-ballot races, including the race for congressional districts across Orange County.

The election is March 5; most residents already have their mail-in ballots in hand.

With presidential frontrunners former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden expected to win their nominations handily, all eyes in California are on the hotly contested primary race for the seat vacated by the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein as well as a slew of local races.

Locally, Orange County voters will decide who they want to represent them in the state assembly and their respective congressional districts.

Here’s a run-down on the races for the 2024 primary election season in Orange County.

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Voice Of Laguna Interview with Mohmmad Honarkar Redefines Hearsay

Voice Of Laguna reviews new allegations and brings up those that have long been defined in Superior Court Of California, County of Orange

Tony Fisch

Ed Steinfeld’s radio style is unique. Let the guest talk and praise them. On Thursday, Honarkar in a 39 minute interview shared his opinion, narrative and hearsay about his multiple current lawsuits. Naming many names and even naming resident activists who present facts in council meetings throughout the year. Honarkar made accusations against CM Mark Orgill, mentioned Mayor Sue Kempf and former City Attorney Phil Kohn. Honarkar’s behavior in Laguna Beach since 2021 raises many questions.

California’s “hearsay rule,” defined under Evidence Code 1200, is a law that states that third-party hearsay cannot be used as evidence in a trial. This rule is based on the principle that hearsay is often unreliable and cannot be cross-examined.

To read more on this interview with Mohammad Honarker visit The Patch Laguna Beach website here