Measure LL Oversight Committee Appointments – Pay-to-Play

The Laguna Beach City Council recently made its appointments to the LL Oversight Committee.  Readers will recall that the ordinance that was overwhelmingly approved by local voters on 8Nov16 provided for an “Citizens’ Oversight Committee” made up of appointed residents.  This committee was to review the uses of the LL tax revenues to ensure that the City Council was indeed spending the monies as promised:

  • Public Safety
  • Utility Undergrounding
  • Street & Beach Cleanliness
  • Protecting beaches from pollution

Specifically, the Meaure LL Citizens’ Oversight Committee’s charter is to:

  • Conduct annual audits
  • Review expenditures
  • Provide public reports

LagunaBeachCHAT conducted an analysis of the applicants donations to the Measure LL campaign, as well as donations to City Council members.  The results showed an APPEARANCE of favoritism shown to LL supporters and campaign donors.

If the City Council wanted the LL Oversight Committee to represent an independent voice of oversight, their methodology of appointing big donors and known-LL supporters has completely undermined this intent.

Read more here:  Campaign Donation Analysis of LL Candidates.

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