Update – Laguna – Quaint, Charming and Uncivil?

Civility Policy Update – “Blake reprimanded for online comments but not apologetic” – Stu News – Click here

Much like the rest of the country, quaint and charming Laguna Beach is faced with the growing concern over respect and civility among city leaders and constituents.
Recently, the City adopted a Civility and Decorum Policy to address the issue, the first in its history.

Laguna Beach’s newly adopted Rules of Decorum and Civility Policy, click here

The media has covered the issue of Laguna’s need for a civility policy.
Local Media’s Comments on City’s Civility issues:

Stu News: Council passes a resolution to reset the button on decorum and civility at public meetings – Click here
Laguna Beach Independent: Council Considers Tighter Code of Conduct – Click here
Orange County Register: Laguna Beach adopts rules of civility applying to leaders and community members at city meetings after months of discord – Click here
Voice of OC: One City Councilman and His Critics Have Laguna Beach in Uproar – Click here

Residents Comments on City’s Civility issues:

Howard Hill comments on Citywide Civility issues – Click here
Mike Morris comments on Peter Blake’s in-office behavior – Click here

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One thought on “Update – Laguna – Quaint, Charming and Uncivil?

  1. The city code of conduct is an for political cover by the Mayor and Mayor pro tem. Anyone who cares to read section 2 of LB Municipal code will find laws which have been in effect for at least 50 years describing how disturbances at council meetings are to be treated and the responsible officers for their enforcement. A disturbance by either the audience or by a council member can result in a misdemeanor. Also the meetings should be conducted by Roberts Rule of Order. Additionally the deportment of city officials should be above reproach in both their public and private affairs. And yet councilman Blskeis allowed to bully and denigrate citizens calling them idiots, liars and worse when he is at the council meetings. Like I stated the new code of conduct is a sham. It has no penalty forcouncil members such as Blake. ,

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