District Attorney Brown Act Documents

Provided below are all the District Attorney’s Documents pertaining to the Brown Act Violation against the Laguna Beach City Council in 2021. Click on each document to review.

9-21-21 Letter From OC District Attorney to City Attorney re-alleged Brown Act Violation – View here

10-14-21 Letter from DA’s office regarding alleged Brown Act Violation – View here

Letter from OC District Attorney to City Councilman Weiss regarding Brown Act Violation – View here

Email from Laguna Beach City Attorney to OC District Attorney regarding the Brown Act Violation – View here

Supplemental Letter to DA’s office from LB District Attorney re-alleged Brown Act Violation – View here

Have Your Voice in Major Redevelopment in Laguna Beach

Insist on having a voice in Major Redevelopment in Laguna Beach.
Click Here to Pre-Register now for the ballot initiative

Help Save Laguna Now. Here’s How:

Join the circle of Laguna Residents to defend the livability and unique character of Laguna Beach by supporting these measures:

  • Retain existing commercial parking requirements instead of reducing
  • Maintain current height limits for commercial buildings
  • Keep congestion and parking from overflowing into neighborhoods
  • Prevent the combining of small storefronts into large malls and hotels
  • Encourage progress and improvement without relaxing standards

Redevelopment proposals can bring more visitors, increase traffic congestion, and drive parking overflow into adjacent neighborhoods.

Who benefits? Commercial property developers increase the value of
their properties – leaving residents with a less functional, more congested
town. Instead of nurturing our unique local businesses, the proposed changes
will set the scene for more mall-like stores, bars, and restaurants.

Let’s work together to make sure that Laguna Residents get a meaningful say in the development of our town.

A Message from Councilman Weiss

Councilman Weiss and Isman censured for disclosing closed sessions items to public –
Story in the LB Indy here
Story in the Voice of OC here
For more News and updates from Councilmember Weiss can be found regularly on his website at https://www.georgeweisscitycouncil.org/. Check back weekly.

Hello Fellow Residents,

The March 9th City Council Meeting considered a full agenda of items affecting residents. Here’s a summary; For more details these items go to my homepage:

Laguna Beach Neighborhood And Environmental Protection Plan Passes 5-0
This wide-ranging piece of legislation provides solid programs for improving the quality of life for residents and the community.

Proclamation Recognizes Arnold Hanno’s 99th Birthday;
Mr. Hanno sponsored one of the first ballot initiatives in California history.

Laguna Canyon Foundation Request For Naming Rights Agreement Passes 5-0
To acknowledge a one million dollar donation, the Council voted unanimously to approve naming the Laguna Canyon Foundation headquarters site “The Michael and Tricia Berns Preserve.”

Trolley Service To Return, 2021 Summer Parking Management Plan Passes 5-0
Good news: The trolleys are likely to be back in operation along Coast Highway and into Laguna Canyon Road starting on June 25.

City Council Censures Peter Blake – Vote 4-0
The City Council voted 4-0 (Councilman Blake abstaining) to censure Mr. Blake for violations of the City’s Rules of Decorum and Civility.

Thanks and feel free to email me or call me to discuss anything that migjt be on your mind,


Hello Fellow Residents,

I am posting legislation being considered and decisions made by City Council on my new website. www.georgeweisscitycouncil.org

It’s worth taking a look at for a quick recap of some of the key issues currently being discussed at City Council meetings and for my position on those topics. It also has some quick links to City Government website pages and a current events story on the proposed Rivian Theater.

Open Letter On Councilmember Blake’s Conduct To Residents

Dear City Council,
RE: City Council Agenda Item #18; March 9, 2021

I support Agenda Item #18 to vote in favor of the censorship of Council member Peter Blake to enforce civility policy adopted in 2019. The City Council & City Manager must enforce a reasonable Code of Conduct to restore a professional tone of respect & civility in Laguna Beach City Council chambers. The continued reprehensible conduct and vile outbursts by Council Member Peter Blake often heard interrupting speakers has become intolerable & wholly disrespectful conduct directed toward members of the public. View video below.

It is important to revisit to witness the attitude & reaction by Peter Blake after he listened to his own recorded voicemail. Note that Peter Blake begins to interrupt speaker and then smiles & laughs, appearing to take great pleasure and pride after hearing his infamous vile profanity & threats made directly by Council Member Peter Blake that was left on the voicemail of resident after he took office.

As a matter of public record, the threatening comment & vile profanity left on the voicemail recording was played to City Council during Public Comment in LB City Council chambers.

Unfortunately, Mr Blake does not appear the least bit ashamed of his conduct. Blake appears to have become emboldened over time and his conduct has become increasingly worse for the public to endure.

Mr Peter Blake has demonstrated on multiple occasions that he lacks the character and is unfit to serve in public office. Peter Blake has regularly bullied & intimidated women who speak to oppose his views. Members of the public, especially women, fear being threatened, denigrated and ridiculed by City Council member Peter Blake.

Please restore civility to City Council Chambers and censor the disrespectful language by enforcing the LB Code of Conduct during Public Meetings.

Lorene Laguna

Updated – Council Moves To Censure Councilman Peter Blake

Updated – 08/11/21

Yet another Laguna Beach resident publicly expresses her concern about her interactions with City Councilman Peter Blake and his uncivil behavior.

Resident Peter Blake was elected to the LB City Council in the November 2018 election. He took office in January, 2019. Since that time, friction began to develop between Councilman Blake and LB constituents over his verbal outbursts including professional and personal insults and overall aggressive behavior towards residents when they spoke publicly during city council meetings. The city council, city manager and the city attorney began to receive numerous complaints from residents who expressed fear of being verbally attacked by Councilmember Blake during meetings and shared their feelings that our Council Chambers now felt like a hostile government environment. Some residents stated that they felt as though they were also being insulted and harassed by Councilman Blake in emails from their communications sent directly to other council members.

After months of public turmoil, in September 2019, it became necessary for the LB City Council to create and adopt the City Decorum & Civility Policy. Councilman Blake voted for the D&C Policy but since has refused to abide by it and any other governmental conduct order including Roberts Rules of Order relevant to public official conduct.

Blake has rejected all attempts to address the issue and offer city council members and residents relief from such unruly official behavior has prompted an official censure action based upon the guidelines of City Decorum Policy by newly elected City Councilmember George Weiss. This censure resolution will be heard on March 9, 2021.

Note: The March 9, 2021 agenda item, meeting video footage, all constituent written censure related communications and attachments and the final City Council votes and decision will be added to this site following the meeting.

View Censure item #18 video here.

Media coverage on call for Censure of CC Peter Blake










One example of the disrespect Peter Blake shows for Laguna’s elected officials and residents taken from one of the the above interviews states,

“I’m the only one in a spineless group of council people that stands up and fights back. And yes, I have fought back. And yes, I have at times been brash and I’m proud of it. I have no issues with it whatsoever,” Blake said. “The silent majority in this community, they support me.”

The public pushback about Peter Blake’s behavior has been ongoing for well over two years. Volumes of local public outcry at city council meetings, in local print media and social media platforms exists from various resources such as The Laguna Beach Indy, Stunews, LB/SL Nextdoor, YouTubea, FB and individual private accounts. Other sources will be added to this site as they become available.

LB resident Michael Morris is often a target of Councilman Peter Blake because of his high-level involvement in Laguna Beach civics and his outspoken position on Blake’s behavior. Mr. Morris regularly offers input to the city council on finance and other important issues and is well respected by the community. Mr. Morris is also a founder of Laguna Resident First (LRF), a political action committee formed to give residents a voice regarding major developments and other city impact issues. Video footage on multiple examples of Blake’s in sessions conduct to residents can be viewed here

View an open letter to City Council from Resident Lorene Laguna with video footage of Councilmember Peter Blake’s comments during a council session here

Peter Blake “Mr. Monster” city council vides footage can be viewed here

Here is just a sampling of CC Peter Blake public newspaper exchanges with constituents who have spoken out about his intimidating and behavior.

We are finding that what Laguna Beach constituents are going through with a public official who is a self-proclaimed bully may not be unique. But how it gets handled and resolved is.

What are your thoughts about elected’s behavior? Should they be allowed to degrade voters they have differences with in public and private? Please share your experiences with us.

Opportunity for Public Input Regarding New City Manager at Three Upcoming Listening Sessions

LAGUNA BEACH, CA – As the City of Laguna Beach undertakes its search for a new City Manager, the City Council wants to ensure the public has an opportunity to provide feedback about the most important qualities potential candidates should possess.

The public is invited to attend three virtual Listening Sessions on March 6, March 11, and March 16, facilitated by the City’s executive search firm Bob Murray and Associates. The firm’s Executive Vice President, Gary Phillips, will host the sessions via Zoom at the dates, times and Zoom links below. For additional information on all available options to participate in the upcoming Zoom webinar Listening Sessions, Click HERE.

View City Manager’s Press Release here

Saturday, March 6: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Or join by Telephone:

Dial (US): +1 669 900 9128
Webinar ID: 975 4546 1467

Thursday, March 11: 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Or join by Telephone:

Dial (US): +1 669 900 9128
Webinar ID: 949 6845 6127

Tuesday, March 16: 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Or join by Telephone:

Dial (US): +1 669 900 9128
Webinar ID: 951 7462 5549

Online Public Survey Available

Additionally, an online public survey regarding the City Manager recruitment is now available at the following link: http://bit.ly/LagunaBeachCMSurvey2021

A report containing all the comments and feedback received will be compiled by the recruiter and provided to the Laguna Beach City Council. The City Council has sole responsibility of appointing a City Manager, and anticipates to select a candidate for City Manager in May. The City Manager serves as the chief executive for the City of Laguna Beach.

Measure P Rejected By Voters, What’s Next?

Courtesy of Stu News
Story by Barbara Diamond

Actual article in the Stu News found here

Measure P was “shellacked,” as former President Obama described Democratic losses in the 2014 midterm election.

The hotly debated measure, if passed, would have increased the Laguna Beach sales tax from 7.75 to 8.75 percent to fund undergrounding utilities on key evacuation routes and related fire safety projects. The loss was a bitter pill for Councilman Bob Whalen, who wholeheartedly supported the measure and took the blame at Tuesday’s Council meeting for its defeat.

“With the election over, it’s appropriate for me to make some comments on Measure P,” said Whalen. “What we presented to the voters as a fire safety measure clearly did not resonate with them.

“As the primary person behind Measure P, I have to, and do, take responsibility for the outcome. We must respect the will of the voters and their message was clear on this measure.”

However, Whalen opined that the defeat leaves Laguna with a major problem: vulnerability to fire in general and specifically from by fires caused by overhead utilities.

“I find a bitter irony in the fact that two days after our voters rejected Measure P, the most destructive fire in California history, apparently caused once again by overhead utility lines, wiped out an entire town, destroying over 7,000 homes and businesses and to date (November 13) claiming 42 lives.”

The total number of lives lost is now 56 (with almost 300 still missing) as of Thursday.

Edison also has reported an incident with one of its lines just minutes before the Woolsey fire ignited, Whalen said.

Councilman Bob Whalen is committed to developing a robust fire safety plan for Laguna despite Measure P being voted down

“This follows on the heels of Southern California Edison admitting a couple of weeks ago that its equipment was responsible for the start of the 2017 Thompson Fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, still the second largest fire in state history,” said Whalen.

Whalen said he is committed to developing a robust fire safety plan for Laguna that can be implemented in the near term to expedite utility undergrounding and other fire safety measures.

“We, as a community, must develop a sense of urgency around fire safety,” said Whalen. “To be complacent at this time is to ignore the reality that confronts us.

“Governor Brown, in addressing the Paradise disaster, said the risk of fire in our state has grown exponentially and will require major adaptations costing in the millions to keep communities fire safe.”

Whalen will be proposing steps he believes the City must take to elevate fire safety to the highest priority in policy discussions and financial planning, including reprioritizing some existing revenues and expenditures and looking for ways to generate new revenues.

“I look forward to working with my fellow Council members, our City staff and the public in this effort,” Whalen said.

He also expressed his gratitude to the City staff for their work in preparing Measure P for the ballot and the Council for agreeing to put it on the ballot.

Jennifer Zeiter, founder of Stop Taxing Our Property, which opposed Measure P, recommends that the City go back to the table with Edison and ask what the City can do to extend the undergrounding already planned by Caltrans for Laguna Canyon.

“The Council subcommittee of Whalen and [Rob] Zur Schmiede got impatient with the slow progress of discussions with SCE and sponsored that damn ordinance that any new construction or repairs had to be undergrounded,” said Zeiter. “The City got sued and we lost.”

Zeiter does support the City’s policy of buying Rule 20 credits, which cities that do not feel or have the need for underground, are willing to sell to Laguna Beach at half price.

“We are proud of defeating Measure P, not because we oppose undergrounding, but because it was a badly flawed tax measure,” said Zeiter, who twice debated Whalen during the campaign, once at a forum and once at a Laguna Canyon Conservancy dinner meeting.

“And they outspent us seven to one.”

Laguna Beach City Manager Recruitment 2021

This year, the City of Laguna Beach will hire a new city manager to replace City Manager John Pietig slated to retire in June of 2021. Laguna Beach is a beautiful coastal city with a great reputation and is considered to be a highly sought after place of employment. The City should be able to attract the highest qualified candidates.

The City Council chooses the city manager. After receiving public input regarding the qualities desired for this critical position and considering new management, they agreed to hold an open executive search. The issue became somewhat controversial among city leaders and constituents. This was resolved on Saturday, January 30, 2020 when the City Council voted 4-1 to hire Bob Murray & Associates to conduct an executive search and include constituents input in the process.

Interesting to note that City Councilman Peter Blake publicly opposed the public’s request to do an outside search, voted no on the open recruitment, and stated he wanted to hire internally and had selected Assistant City Manager, Shoreh Dupuis. In interviews, CC Blake expressed his bias and favoritism of Ms. Dupuis. In fact, in a STUNEWS story, he stated that he felt that if she didn’t get the job, she would leave our city. He used this same threatening approach in 2019 to secure ACM Dupuis a $25,000 salary increase for “future” work. Residents objecting to the salary increase requested proof that a position had been offered to Ms. Dupuis at the time but none was ever provided. It was disappointing to hear since Ms. Dupuis is paid a top salary and benefit package and taxpayers subsidized her Laguna Beach Beach $1.6 M home when she was hired in 2016 with primarily government public works and some transit related experience. In various polls on social media, residents support open recruitment for the replacement of the top-notch city manager rather than promoting from within.

Local Media Coverage:

Laguna Beach City Council under pressure to open recruitment for next city manager – LB Indy

Laguna Beach City Manager John Pietig Announces Retirement – LB Indy

Letters To The Editor: City Manager Recruitment – Stu News

Find more letters in Stu News Archives here

Letter: Why Are City Employees Leaving Laguna Beach? LB Indy

Letter: Is Our City Tuned into its Employees? LB Indy

Opportunity for Public Input on city manager position press release – LB Patch.com

City Welcomes New Police Chief

A message from the new LBPD Chief Robert Thompson:

On behalf of my family and myself, I want to thank the people of Laguna Beach for
a warm welcome. As a frequent visitor to the city, we have been amazed at the
kindness of the people we’ve met, the spectacular beach and dining. It was this
experience as visitors which led us to embracing the exciting opportunity to join the
team as a member of the police department. Laguna Beach is a special place, a
place people choose to be, and one we are humbled to be a small part of.

I remain committed to helping provide accurate and timely information, being
accessible to the community, and listening and learning as policing in America
evolves in this new era. The men and women of the Laguna Beach Police
Department and dedicated and committed to the safety and welfare of all residents
and guests. With the support of the community, I am confident we are wellpositioned
to continue to provide the service the people of Laguna Beach deserve
and expect.

Thank you all for the kindness you’ve shown my family as we settle in Orange
County, and I look forward to serving this outstanding community.

Looking for the latest data on Crime and Safety in Laguna Beach – Click Here

To Learn more on the city’s new Police Chief’s background view the article in Public CEO here.

LB Chat Publisher’s Open Letter To 2021 City Council

January 19, 2021

Dear Mayor Whalen and City Council Members:

Happy New Year. As the council moves forward in appointing a new city manager this
year, I ask that a professional recruitment firm be hired to conduct an open and extensive
recruitment to fill this important leadership position. Based upon city records, in
2010, Murray & Associates was hired to handle the recruitment process when CM John
Pietig was appointed. In 2012, this same firm contributed to the recruitment guideline
document below. It’s well worth a read.

https://icma.org/sites/default/files/303514 – Recruitment Guidelines for Selecting a Local Government Administrator.pdf

As a longtime resident, I am not convinced that we currently have an internal successor
pool to fill this position that would be supported by the majority of residents. We have
the opportunity to find a city manager with the type of leadership, interpersonal skills
and personality that city employees, residents and businesses desire and deserve. In fact,I would like to suggest that the council ask for some public input on the important attributes of a new city manager to use in their decision making and conduct an outsourced confidential city employee satisfaction survey to identify internal cultural issues that might exist that could provide valuable insight to the incoming administrator. Here’s an example of an employee survey that I found quite impressive. https://www.cityofpensacola.com/CivicSend/ViewMessage/Message/122077

I have personally participated in government employee surveys of this type and the results often surprise city leaders. Also, below is an article titled “It Starts With Civility: Elected Officials’ Role in attracting and Retaining Employees” that speaks to government recruitments, civility and leadership within council chambers. I believe this information critical to achieving positive engagement between public officials and constituents for a healthy and harmonious community.

Since 2018, we have documentation that clearly reflects our city having respect and civility issues that has consumed our civic environment and continues to divide us.
Much time and money has been lost due to a high level of discourse between certain
council members and the public. This is a good article written by two California city
managers who understand the intricacies involved in government recruitment and retention
and the importance of finding a strong administrator who listens and can implement
and execute ideas with the support of council members and the public.


Thank you for your time and consideration. You all have a big responsibility to the
community and I trust that you will take the utmost care in finding the right city manager
to unite and move us forward. Thank you for all that you do for Laguna.

MJ Abraham
LB Resident

Note: Here’s a copy of my first LTE on this subject. It has been distributed to local media
and will be posted on social media outlets as well. It was published today January
19, 2021 in Stunews.

Include Residents in the Process How disappointing to discover that meetings regarding upcoming CalTrans work in South Laguna were not (until now) publicly held. I hope that the city will not make this mistake when it comes to recruiting a new city manager. An open recruitment process will boost confidence and trust in our local government.

Combined, Ken Frank and John Pietig will have served Laguna for 51 years. This powerful
position is pivotal for the city budget, overseeing projects of all types, coordinating with all outside agencies, and working well with staff and council. I encourage residents to get involved in this next chapter of a city manager and start generating ideas of the type of person we would like to see as our next city manager. The position requires strong leadership and management skills to navigate the often politically charged decisions that inevitably arise.

Laguna has a great climate, attractive compensation and beneCits like Fridays off. For a city its size, this job will be a compelling opportunity, likely generating inquiries from some of the best-run cities in the country. I hope that the council will take its time, include residents and choose carefully.

MJ Abraham
Founder lagunabeachchat.com
Laguna Beach Resident

Samuel Goldstein

Meet Sam Goldstein, Co-founder of Liberate Laguna, Laguna Beach owner of Mozambique Restaurant and concert venue, owner of the Heisler Building housing his other restaurant and concert venue, Skyloft, and co-founder of Laguna Beach Live!.

Goldstein Samuel – 497 Aug 11 2020 – redacted – Click here

Goldstein Samuel – 497 Aug 31 2020 – redacted – Click here

Goldstein Samuel – 497 Sept 17 2020 – redacted – Click here

Goldstein Samuel – 497 Sept 18 2020 – redacted – Click here

Goldstein Samuel – 497 Sept 23 2020 – Click here

Steve Dicterow

View the Laguna Beach Police Report for Steve Dicterow here

Form 460 Campaign Funding Disclosure Statements:

Dicterow Steve – 460 July 1 – Sept 19 2020 redacted

Media and other Candidate information:

Letters To The Editor – Steve Dicterow – Click here

Dicterow Taps His Home For Cash – read here

Mayor Dicterow’s Bankruptcy – read here

Resident Files Two Sworn Complaints With Fppc* See April 24, 2017 Update! – read here

Favoritism At City Hall For Hedge and View Claims – read here

2020 PAC and 501(c)4 Group Campaign Disclosure Forms

Citywide PAC Campaign Contributions Spending 2020 Election:


Laguna Residents First (PAC):

Laguna Residents First – 460 Jan 1 – June 30 2020 – redacted – Click here

Laguna Residents First – 460 July 1 – Sept 19 2020 – redacted – Click here

Laguna Matters (PAC):


Liberate Laguna (PAC):

Liberate Laguna – 460 Jan 1 – June 30, 2020 – Click here

Liberate Laguna PAC 460 Form (July 1 – Sept 19 2020) – Click here

Liberate Laguna – 496 Sept 8 2020 – redacted – Click here

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Liberate Laguna PAC Form 496 Oct 5 (Dicterow) – Click here

Liberate Laguna PAC Form 496 Oct. 5, 2020 (Nokes) – Click here

Village Laguna (PAC):

Village Laguna – 460 Jan 1 – June 30, 2020 redacted – Click here

VL 460 Form (Jul-Sept 2020) – Click here

Village LagunaPAC Form 496 Sept 30 2020 (Weiss) mailing – Click here

Village Laguna PAC Form 496 Sept 30 2020 (Weiss) – Click here

Village Laguna PAC Form 496 Sept 30 2020 (Nokes) – Click here

Village Laguna PAC Form 496 Sept 30 2020 (Flores)  – Click here

Village Laguna PAC Form 496 Sept 30 2020 (Flores) – Click here

Village Laguna PAC Form 496 Sept 28 2020 (Weiss) – Click here

Village Laguna PAC Form 496 Sept 28 2020 (Flores) – Click here

Village Laguna PAC Form 496 Oct. 2 2020 (Flores) – Click here

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Village Laguna PAC Form 496 Oct. 5 2020 (Flores) – Click here

Village Laguna PAC Form 496 Oct 5 2020 (Weiss) – Click here

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Village Laguna PAC Form 496 Oct. 7 2020 (Weiss) mailer amendment – Click here

Village Laguna PAC Form 496 Oct. 7 2020 (Flores) mailer amendment – Click here

Village Laguna Form 496 Oct. 9, 2020 (Flores) -Click here

Village Laguna Form 496 Oct. 9, 2020 (Weiss) – Click here

Laguna Beach Police Employee Association  (PAC):

Laguna Beach Police Employee – 460 Jan 1 – June 30, 2020 – Click here

LB Police Assoc. From 496 Oct.5, 2020 (Dicterrow) – Click here

LB Police Assoc. Form 496 Oct 6 (Whalen) – Click here

Laguna Beach Fire Fighters Association (PAC):

Laguna Beach Firefighters Association – 460 Jan 1 – June 30 2020 – Click here

Laguna Public Recreational Facilities Conservancy (LPRFC) (PAC):

LPRFC City Candidate Endorsement – Click here