Liberate Laguna PAC – Developer Interest Donations

Submitted by Guest: Mike Morris (September 22, 2018)

Liberate Laguna sounds like a grass-roots organization working to free Lagunans of the tyranny of City Hall. Burdened by the uncaring bureaucracy, Liberate Laguna sounds like a breath of
fresh air to the average resident; perhaps a counterweight to the heavy-hand of Village Laguna.

Until you take a look at their Form 460 (reportable donations), required under the Political Reform Act. Their 1 filing (for the period of 1Jan18 thru 30Jun18) reveals only 5 donors pulling
together an impressive $33,000 tally in a very short period of time. When you examine the Names & Occupation/Employer information, you’ll quickly see familiar names of some of the biggest developer/real-estate-investors in town. The smallest donation is $500 and the largest $10,000. Indeed 2 of their donors are responsible for $22,000 (2/3s) of their war-chest. So much for

Make no mistake, these folks are working to loosen all manner of restrictions/oversight on development in Laguna Beach.



One thought on “Liberate Laguna PAC – Developer Interest Donations

  1. Make no mistake about their intentions… They own a ton of property in Laguna Beach, both commercial and residential. Some of which is historic. They stand to reap millions at the expense of our town by getting rid of historic preservation and design review…

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