South Laguna Resident Speaks Up In Community Forum

Local South Laguna Resident posted letter in the South Laguna Neighborhood Nextdoor forum.

Posting October 2016:

Steve Dictorow’s financial situation is sad and personal – leave him alone about that.  Why do you think that involves his commitments to the City Council?  If there were dubious issues regarding the City, then okay but there doesn’t seem to be so let him deal with it.  He has shown to be a dedicated public servant and I think that is very good.

However, as MJ Abraham said, us residents (and taxpayers – yes, we own our homes) have complained to the City and then demanded police presence and trash cans when the crowds got out of control down here and nothing was done.

I actually called Mr. Dictorow’s cell phone at the height of the madness and he answered!  And he was driving through South Laguna at the time.  His words to me were “Gee, I have not been down here for a long long time, where did all of these people come from?  Oh wow, they’re running across PCH. This used to be such a sleepy little section of town.”

I told him about the parking debacles, people using our yards as urinals and worse, drunk drivers.  He promised that he would look into it and then nothing was done.

I have completely lost my confidence in our City Council, the City Manager, the Laguna Beach police department (who we have called many times for help), the County of Orange and their Supervisors.  What does it take to get this part of Laguna Beach on their radar. Sure, they love the tax dollars but they don’t give a shit about the residents.  that’s why I made my own “No Parking Signs” (

We live on a private street and the Parking Patrol lady told me that I had to have the City’s towing code number on my signs, even on a private road. I told her to go fish. But in an effort to keep the peace, I grabbed a pencil and in the smallest type I could write, I wrote it out and then asked her if she was satisfied that I complied with her ridiculous request. She just scowled at me. I told her that the next time some stranger from the IE pulls over, throws out their Taco Bell bag and takes a dump in your flower bed, you will know what I am going through.

We need somebody who cares about this section of town.

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