2024 PAC and 501(c)4 Group Campaign Disclosure Forms

Political Action Committee (PAC’s)

Advocates for Laguna Residents PACS:

Advocates for Laguna Residents PAC (ID # 1455392)

Laguna Residents First PACS:

Laguna Residents First PAC (ID#1421491)

Laguna Residents First (LRF) PACS:

Laguna Residents First (LRF) PAC LB Survey 2024

Laguna Beach Firefighters Association PACS:

Laguna Beach Firefighters Association PAC (ID#1422691)

Laguna Beach Police Employee Association PACS:

Laguna Beach Police Employee Association PAC (ID #1346972)

Village Laguna Inc. PACS:

Village Laguna Inc. PAC (ID#990381)

Village Laguna (Jul 1 – Sept 24 2022) amendment

Village Laguna (Oct 18 – Dec 31, 2020) amendment

Village Laguna (Oct 23 – Dec 31 2022) amendment

Village Laguna (Sept 20 – Oct 17, 2020) amendment

Village Laguna (Sept 25 – Oct 22 2022) amendment

Citizens for Laguna’s Future PACS:

Citizens for Laguna’s Future PAC (ID#1450234)

Laguna Matters PACS:

Laguna Matters PAC (ID#1420991)

LB Taxpayers Association PACS:

LB Taxpayers Association PAC (ID#0352402)

Ballot Measure Committees

The Laguna Alliance / Laguna Beach Company Ballot Measure Committee (ID#145537)

Citizens for Laguna’s Future / Ballot Measure Committee (ID#1450234)

Citizens for Sustainable Laguna Beach / Ballot Measure Committee (ID#1441800)

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