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The election is November 5th, 2024. LBCHAT intends to compile and publish all local and state public documents related to the personal and professional backgrounds on every candidate running for a Laguna Beach Public Office position every campaign year.

Sources will include campaign disclosure statements, financial campaign contribution reports, websites/podcasts, news and social media coverage and personal, professional and criminal background information as supported by the California Public Records Act Code# 6253 (CPRA). We also welcome public information and legal document submittals from the public for publishing consideration. The more we know about our candidates, the better decisions we make when casting our votes.

Thank you for being an educated and informed voter. Our city’s health and future depends on it! LBCHAT

City Council Candidates

Judie Mancuso
Hallie Jones

Treasurer Candidates

City Clerk Candidates

LAGUNABEACHCHAT.COM : CHAT stands for City Hall Accountability and Transparency. Our Mission: Laguna Beach CHAT desires to advance accountability and transparency. We serve residents by providing them with an open and honest platform to gain knowledge about City officials, functions and decisions that impact our quality of life and our local community.

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