Candidate’s Public Background Records

LBChat has compiled candidate statements, websites/podcasts, news articles and public information obtained from candidates and public information sources. This includes Campaign Finance Disclosure 460 Forms. And, this year we are setting the vetting bar higher by including the California Public Record Act Code# 6253 (CPRA) Laguna Beach Police contacts: arrests, restraining orders, repossessions and other violations. Please click here to go directly to LBCHAT/2024candidatepublicinformationdocuments. LBCHAT intends to obtain and publish all local and state public record documents related to campaign finance and personal and/or criminal background information on every candidate running for a Laguna Beach Public Office position every campaign year.   

Thank you for being an informed voter. Our city’s health and future depends on it!  LBCHAT


CHAT stands for City Hall Accountability and Transparency. Our Mission: Laguna Beach CHAT desires to advance accountability and transparency. We serve residents by providing them with an open and honest platform to gain knowledge about City officials, functions and decisions that impact our quality of life and our local community. 

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